Registration for adult classes begins May 9.
Classes will be hosted in our Community space.

Revolutions of the African Diaspora

Live Class Day/Time: Wednesdays 6pm EST

It's never too late to learn about hidden history! From the promise of abolition, to the Haitian Revolution and beyond, we will learn the true history of resistance of African people in the diaspora, and lay to rest the notion that the enslaved and colonized people did not fight for their freedom. Learn about the leaders of the movements, the communities they created, and the alliances they formed that helped give rise to freedom.

Instructor: Emilie Kosse

Emilie has taught and led workshops through online platforms, community education programs and arts organizations for the better part of the past ten years. She loves sharing the information  with others, and few things bring her greater joy than a student feeling empowered by learning new information. Emilie believes it is essential to know history, not so much to support the cliche of “history repeating itself,” but to understand what it means to be a human being in a global world. 


Native Americans: Unlearning Stereotypes and Busting Myths

Live Class Day/Time: Fridays 6pm CT

When you’ve been taught stereotypes and myths about Native Americans as fact, it’s hard find trusted resources to teach your children. Learn to identify Native stereotypes and Eurocentrism in literature and educational materials. You will also spend time learning myths that are common in US history and what the true story is. This class is taught by a Native instructor exclusively from Native perspectives.

Instructor: Kelly Tudor

Kelly is a citizen of the Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas and culturally intact. She teaches children and adults to correct the myths and false ideas people have about Native Americans. A consultant and advisor for several educational companies, Kelly also serves on a committee in Texas to develop an American Indian/Native Studies course for high schools statewide.


A Whole New World History

LIVE Class Day/Time: Tuesday 6pm CT

Have you ever wished you could relearn your history education! Now is the time to learn, process and dig deep into the things we missed about world history. The world is vast and interconnected but understanding history can help us understand the present. Grab your favorite happy hour beverage and join us in learning A Whole New World History.


Instructor: Kathleen Cluchey

Kathleen has been teaching for 13 years in public, private and homeschool environments all ages from first grade through adults! She has authored the A Whole New World History curriculum with Woke Homeschooling and is the online instructor for the live class. 


Oh Freedom!: Unlearning & Reframing US History

Live Class Day/Time: Thursday 6pm CT

Parents who use the Oh Freedom! curriculum to teach history report that they’re unlearning what they were taught in school and relearning history with their kids. This class is an opportunity to take a deeper dive into history and discuss with other adults. Our approach will be based on critical inquiry and interrogation of the texts we read, the people who wrote them, and the subjects they are writing about.

Instructor: Jason Esters

Jason is a college professor, educational justice advocate, and homeschool dad in the Philadelphia area. He is passionate about several issues that center reading, writing, research and ultimately, teaching. Some of his areas of interest are African and African American history, literature, language, rhetoric, theology, social structures and leadership. Dr. Esters currently facilitate discussions with high school students who are working through the Oh Freedom! Curriculum.