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Think Summer classes

What do you want to think about this summer?

Stay Engaged This Summer

Think Summer is an opportunity for your middle school students to stay engaged in intentional learning, while still having plenty of time to chillax during the summer months.

Who are these classes for?

Classes are designed for middle school students.

The Current Events class is ideal for rising 9th graders and other high school students who can do independent research.

When does class start?

Classes begin June 14
(except Africa begins June 7)

Classes are 8 weeks.

We will have a break the week of July 11.

How much does it cost?

For just $220 (per family), you will get a choice of 2 classes. 

Once you enroll, there’s an option to buy additional classes.


Social Justice through STEM

Live Class Day/Time: Mondays 10:00am CST CLASS FULL
NEW CLASS TIME: Mondays 11:00am CST

In this fun and interactive class, students will practice analyzing and evaluating current data to solve real-world problems. Students will exercise critical thinking skills to read statistics and data related to poverty, wealth, coronavirus, incarceration, and more. All levels of middle school math skills welcome. 

Instructor: Stephanie Ivery


Music Around the World

Live Class Day/Time: Fridays 10:00am CST

Come take a fun tour around the world celebrating different cultures by learning about their music and sounds. In addition to exploring music and learning music vocabulary, students will also learn about several composers of color.  

Instructor: Dorla Aparicio


A Whole New World History - Geography

LIVE Class Day/Time: Fridays 11:00am CST CLASS FULL
NEW CLASS TIME: Thursdays 11:00am CST

Explore the physical and human geography of all the continents.  Join us for games, trivia, and competitions all leading up to a Grand Global Geography Bee in the final week. Includes short, fun assignments to do during the week culminating in a LIVE class on Fridays.

Instructor: Kathleen Cluchey


A Whole New World History - Africa LIVE Class

Live Class Day/Time: Fridays Noon CST CLASS FULL

In our Africa Unit we travel region by region to study the people, the history, the power dynamics, colonization, liberation and geography. This class is 9 weeks and begins June 7.

Instructor: Kathleen Cluchey


The Past is Present: Current Events

Live Class Day/Time: Fridays 1:00pm CST

Together we will study current events and connect them to the historical context.  This class will include a short video and assignment sheet unpacking the history behind a current event to figure out why things are the way they are. Students will choose interesting current topics, research, and present their findings in a weekly live class.  This class is open to students who are rising 9th graders and high school age and are able to do independent research.  

Instructor: Kathleen Cluchey 


Summer Book Club

Day/Time: Saturday, July 10 and August 14 at 11:00am CST CLASS FULL
NEW CLASS TIME: Saturday, July 10 and August 14 at 1:00pm CST

Summer is a great time to immerse yourself in books. But every great book deserves an engaging discussion with friends. This summer we’ll read two books and meet for a conversation with Ms. Bunmi and friends. 

Instructor: Bunmi Ishola