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This series of discussion sessions are designed to provide a safe space for discussion and reflection about our country, current events, and readings from Oh Freedom! High School Parts 1 or 2. To that end, this discussion experience is structured in a way that allows for genuine, scholarly investigation and discovery. The young scholars who participate will act as detectives whose principle task is to uncover the means and motives behind various encounters, while also coming to some important realizations about where they see themselves in relation to the material they are exploring. Classes meet every other Thursday.

*There is also a Thematic Discussion that meets every other Thursday. It does not follow any set curriculum but explores themes in US History. Students can enroll for both options.

About Dr. Jason Esters

As a child, Jason fell in love with all of the books on his parents’ bookshelves, and his parents let him read any books he wanted, even the dangerous ones. He received his Ph.D in English from Temple University, has been a community advocate for social justice and education reform in Philadelphia for well over a decade, and is now an Assistant Professor of English at the Community College of Philadelphia. Jason was a principal contributor to The African Diaspora, A Historical Encyclopedia. 1st Edition. Today, Jason and his wife homeschool their four children and he co-hosts two podcasts: Race and Faith Cyphers and Black Men Homeschool.

Oh Freedom! HS Part One Discussion


Alternating Thursdays, 6pm CST - Class starts Sept. 8


Oh Freedom! HS - Part Two Discussion


Alternating Thursdays, 7pm CST - Class Starts Sept 8


Oh Freedom! HS - Thematic Discussion


Alternating Thursdays, 6pm CST - Class Starts September 15


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